The mission of the Physical Activity and Wellness Institute is to promote participation in physical activity and create a pro-health culture in the communities we serve. Our goal is to develop this culture through conducting and sharing research on the effects of physical activity (and physical inactivity) on the health and the quality of life of our community members, teaching and implementing evidence-based approaches to develop best practice approaches for increasing physical activity participation in a variety of settings and diverse populations, and consulting with schools, businesses, and communities to create workplace wellness, fitness programming, and exercise prescriptions.


The vision of the Physical Activity and Wellness Institute is to mobilize, coordinate and promote collaborations involving the resources of IUPUI, the greater Indianapolis community and beyond, and external industry experts to improve health and quality of life, reduce health disparities through the promotion of regular participation in physical activity, and educate communities on the importance of good wellness. These outcomes will provide teaching, learning, and experiential opportunities leading to enhanced professional preparation for IUPUI students, faculty, businesses, organizations, and the communities we serve.

Faculty Experience

The Physical Activity and Wellness Institute along with the IUPUI Kinesiology Department faculty possess expertise in a wide range of physical activity related areas. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Adapted physical education, dance and movement (for individuals with disabilities)
  • Assessment of physical fitness and health-related physical fitness
  • Behavioral aspects of physical activity and fitness
  • Biomechanics
  • Clinical exercise physiology
  • Community fitness management
  • Comprehensive school physical activity programming
  • Exercise physiology for healthy individuals and athletes
  • Motor learning and motor development
  • Neurophysiology of movement
  • Physical activity and aging
  • Worksite and population wellness
  • Youth physical education, physical activity and fitness-related health education