Physical Activity

The Physical Activity and Wellness Institute provides four main areas of expertise that provide numerous service opportunities for those who are seeking research, programming, consultation, and fitness-related education. The services provided below are developed, directed, and overseen by The Physical Activity and Wellness Institute and IUPUI Department of Kinesiology faculty members and students.


  • Developing safe, evidence-based physical activity programming opportunities for healthy adults and children, children with disabilities, and adults with specific health issues
  • Programming is offered in community locations, at workplaces, school sites and on campus


  • Utilizing and creating tailored exercises to combat physical inactivity - a recognized risk factor for developing many health problems including:  heart disease, some cancers, diabetes and obesity
  • Providing expertise to determine the proper frequency, intensity, duration, types and progression of exercises available
  • We love to be challenged. Virtually any type of fitness or health related fitness assessment may be provided for individuals or groups and will be determined based off of consultation from the Physical Activity and Wellness Institute

Exercise Presciption

  • All exercise prescriptions use evidence-based guidelines to help insure that the exercises are safe and effective
  • Faculty and students from The Physical Activity and Wellness Institute and IUPUI Department of Kinesiology will consult and assist you in tailoring a program specific to your goals

Service Learning

  • Training for students in exercise science, personal training and wellness coaching
  • Providing safe and effective exercise guidelines while giving students an opportunity to learn
  • Students in training expand our ability to provide high quality services at an affordable level while enhancing learning