The Physical Activity and Wellness Institute is dedicated to creating pro-health environments for the communities and businesses we serve. We care about our communities and can assist in assessing, creating, defining, and improving wellness programs that better our physical well-being. The services provided below are overseen by The Physical Activity and Wellness Institute, IUPUI Department of Kinesiology faculty members and students, and our professional network of industry experts.

Program Analysis

  • Developing and refining community and workplace wellness programs for community members and employees
  • Assessing and evaluating the effectiveness of current wellness services and efforts
  • Some assessments may be brought to you.
  • Recommending and improving your current wellness services based on empirical evidence
  • De-identified, organizational level reports on program effectiveness

Program Development

  • Plan safe and effective wellness programs
  • Assessment of an organization’s current needs to determine best practice program recommendations


  • Prospective, controlled, random studies
  • Research and development
  • Product testing